Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VIII-132 Powers and duties of Department.

(a) In general.

The Department has the powers and duties specified in this section.

(b) Supervision of municipal buildings, related improvements.

(1)Unless otherwise provided by this Charter, the Director shall supervise all municipal
buildings and related improvements made in Baltimore City or elsewhere by or for the City
or any municipal agency.

(2)All plans and specifications for these municipal buildings and related improvements,
including those involving engineering questions, shall be submitted to the Director for

(c) Construction, maintenance, etc., of buildings, related improvements.

(1)Unless otherwise provided by this Charter, the Department has charge of the construction,
demolition, alteration, operation and maintenance of all municipal buildings and related

(2)To carry out these activities, the Director may enter and occupy any municipal property after
giving due notice to the agency having control of the property. The Director shall restore any
property so entered to the condition in which it was before the entry.

(d) System of uniform property identification.

(1)The Department shall maintain a system for the uniform identification of all real property
within Baltimore City.

(2)The system shall identify each parcel of real property by a symbol. That symbol shall be used
by every municipal agency to identify that parcel, until it is subdivided or the symbol is
changed by the Department.

(3)The failure of the Department or of any other municipal agency to identify a parcel of
property by its symbol does not affect the validity of any assessment or charge otherwise
properly made.

(e) Plats and recordsproperties.

(1)The Department shall maintain adequate plats and other records of all parcels of real property
within Baltimore City.

(2)These plats and records shall include:

(i)the ownership of each parcel; and

(ii)the symbol by which each parcel is identified.

(3)These plats and records shall be the official plats and records to be used by all municipal
agencies to identify and determine the location of every parcel of real property within
Baltimore City.

(f) Plats and recordsunderground structures.

The Department shall maintain plats and records of tunnels, pipes, mains, sewers, conduits, and
other underground structures, both public and private.

(g) Fleet management.

(1)The Department is responsible for:

(i)the maintenance, repair, and operation of all motor vehicles and related equipment
owned by the City, whether held for general service or assigned for the use of a
particular office or agency,

(ii)the maintenance and operation of related garages, depots, and shops;

(iii) the inspection of all City vehicles and related equipment and the keeping of proper
records about how these vehicles and equipment are handled and operated;

(iv) the assignment of these vehicles and related equipment for the use of officers and
other agencies of the City; and

(v) the maintenance or the hiring of any hauling or passenger service needed by any
municipal agency.

(2)This subsection does not apply to motor vehicles and related equipment of the Baltimore City
Public School System, except to the extent requested by that department and agreed to by the
Department of General Services.
(h) Assistance to other agencies.

On the request of the head of a municipal agency, the Director shall:

(1)supply estimates of the cost of work for building improvements and vehicles to be done
for that agency during the next fiscal year; and

(2)perform services for the municipal agency of the same general character as those carried
on by the Department, the cost of which shall be charged to the agency requesting the
services and shall be paid out of the funds appropriated to it.

(i) Additional powers and duties.

The Department has the additional powers and duties as are prescribed by law.
(Res. 08-003, ratified November 4, 2008.)