Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VIII-116 Powers and duties of Department.

(a) In general.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Charter, the Department has the following
powers and duties.

(b) Street construction and maintenance.

(1)The Department has charge of constructing and maintaining the streets of the City.

(2)The Department shall prepare the plans and perform the work required by Ordinances that
open, extend, widen, straighten, close, or grade any street in the City. However, the
Department of General Services shall prepare all Ordinances for the opening and closing of
streets, attend the hearings on the Ordinances, and perform all administrative functions
related to these Ordinances.

(3)Before paving or repaving a street, the Director of Transportation shall give notice in one or
more daily City newspapers that, not less than 90 days from the first publication date, the
Department will proceed with the paving or repaving and warning all persons to obtain
permits for and to complete before that day all work that might involve the digging up of the

(4)The Director shall send a copy of this notice to all persons who the Director has reason to
believe would be interested in receiving it, but failure to send the notice does not affect the
validity of any action taken by the Mayor and the Director t pave or repave a street.

(5)No pavement laid after the publication of the notice may be dug up by any person without a
permit issued by the Director of General Services. The Director of General Services has
discretion to issue or withhold this permit, and may attach appropriate conditions and charges
to the permit.

(6)Whenever an assessment or charge is to be made against a property for paving a street, alley,
or sidewalk, the Department after giving the owner of the property involved due notice and
an opportunity to be heard, shall fix the amount of the assessment or charge.
(Res. 08-003, ratified November 4, 2008.)

(c) Lighting.

The Department has charge of the lighting of the City.

(d) Conduit system.

The Department may exercise all the powers and shall perform all the duties relating to the
conduit system, and has charge of all property and equipment pertaining to that system.

(e) Additional powers and duties.

The Department has the additional powers and duties relating to the construction, reconstruction,
and maintenance of streets, to transportation, and to traffic, including powers and duties
transferred from other municipal agencies, as are prescribed by law.
(Res. 04-056, ratified November 2, 2004.)