Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VII-95 Civil Service Commission: powers and duties.

The Commission:

(a)shall advise the Mayor and Director on personnel matters.

(b)shall provide to the Mayor and City Council at least annually a report on the operations of the

(c)shall review and approve the different groupings of positions having similar duties,
responsibilities and qualifications (“classifications”) that are used by the Department.

(d)shall promulgate and make available to the public rules governing the operation of the

(e)shall review and approve, before they become final, and make available to the public, the
rules of the Department.

(f)shall provide a hearing, on written request, to any non-probationary member of the Civil
Service who has been discharged from the Civil Service, reduced in pay or position, or
suspended for longer than 30 days. If the Commission finds that the intent and spirit of a
provision of this Charter has been violated, it shall report its findings to the Mayor; and the
appointing officer shall take whatever action the Commission directs to rectify the violation.

(g)may, if it determines after appropriate investigation, that any administrative head of the City,
including any commission or board, or any officer having the power of appointment and
removal in the Civil Service, has abused such power by making appointments or removals for
any reason other than the good of the public service, so report to the Mayor.

(h)may appoint such hearing officers and other employees as provided in the Ordinance of

(i)may, in the course of hearings, administer oaths, subpoena documents, summon witnesses,
and examine witnesses; and may delegate these powers to a commissioner or hearing officer.

(j)shall render decisions within sixty days of the close of hearings unless the City employee and
City both agree to an extension. If the Commission fails to decide within the sixty day time
period, the decision of the hearing officer, if there is one, shall be deemed to be the decision
of the Commission.
(Res. 06-017, ratified Nov. 7, 2006.)