Baltimore Charter Decoded

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§ VII-89 Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals: notices; evidence.

(a) Notice of decisions.

Whenever the Board shall make a decision it shall give reasonable notice thereof by mail to all
parties who, from the papers or testimony before it, seem to be parties in interest. But failure to
give such notice or of a party to receive notice of an order within thirty days of its entry shall not
invalidate the decision nor, save by petition to and special order of the Board, extend the time to
appeal from the order.

(b) Evidence; notices of proceedings.

Parties in interest who appear at a hearing before the Board shall be permitted to offer testimony
pertinent to the issue or issues in which they are concerned, but the Board shall not be bound by
the technical rules of evidence in force in the courts of Maryland, and may receive in evidence
any paper, statement, record or other evidence, with or without prior notice to the parties, which
it deems to be material and to have probative force.

Whatever record or notice of the proceedings or action of the Board is required by an act of the
General Assembly to be given to any person or public officer shall be observed by the Board.

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