Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VII-85 Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals: paving assessments.

(a) Appeal to Board.

Whenever the Department of Transportation levies an assessment or charge for the paving of a
street, alley, or sidewalk under § 116 of this article, the owner of the property on which the
assessment or charge is levied may, within 30 days of the mailing to the owner of a notice of the
assessment or charge, bring the assessment or charge to the Board for its review.

(b) Decision.

On reasonable notice in accordance with its rules and this Charter, the Board shall:

(1)determine whether the assessment or charge is proper; and

(2)if not, set it at the amount that the Board determines to be proper.
(Res. 08-003, ratified November 4, 2008.)