Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VII-73 Department of Planning: Director and staff.

(a) Directorappointment; term.

The Mayor shall appoint a Director from a list of candidates provided by the Commission. If,
within 120 days of a vacancy in the position of Director, the Commission fails, by a majority vote
of its members, to provide such a list to the Mayor, the Mayor may select the Director in the
Mayors discretion.

The Director must be confirmed by the City Council pursuant to Article IV, Section 6(a). The
Mayor, after consulting with the Commission, may suspend, demote or dismiss the Director.

(b) Staff.

The Commission shall also appoint such other employees (including part time consultants) for
the conduct of the office of the Commission, as may be provided for in the Ordinance of

(c) Directorqualifications.

The Director shall be qualified by personal background, education and experience to advance the
development and planning of Baltimore City.

(d) Directorsalary.

The Directors salary shall be set in the Ordinance of Estimates.