Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VII-64 Department of Education: graded lists; employee duties.

The Board shall prescribe rules and regulations for the establishment by the Superintendent of
graded lists of those qualified for employment as teachers and for the submission of these graded
lists to the Board as vacancies occur. The names of those qualified for appointment as teachers shall
be placed on the graded lists in the order of their relative qualifications, as ascertained by the
Superintendent by competitive examinations.

All rules and regulations relative to the classification of professional employees and the
establishment of graded lists shall be filed as a public record with the Department of Legislative
Reference and no change in or amendment to these rules and regulations shall become effective until
thirty days after such filing.

The superintendents, assistant superintendents, directors, supervisors, assistant supervisors,
principals, assistant principals, teachers, secretaries, clerks and other employees shall perform such
duties as may be prescribed by the Board not inconsistent with the provisions of the Charter.

Department of Recreation and Parks