Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VII-4.5 Agency audits.

(a) Definitions.

(1) General.

In this section, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

(2) Audit.

(i)“Auditmeans an audit undertaken in accordance with generally accepted government
auditing standards and federal and state law.

(ii)“Auditincludes both:

(A) a financial audit of an agencys financial transactions, including all accounts,
revenues, and receipts; and

(B) a performance audit that assesses an agencys practices to determine whether the
agency is operating economically and efficiently and whether corrective actions
for improving its performance are appropriate.

(3) Principal agency.

Principal agencymeans any of the following executive departments:

(i)Department of Finance.

(ii) Department of Law.

(iii) Department of Public Works.

(iv) Fire Department.

(v)Police Department.

(vi) Department of Housing and Community Development.

(vii) Baltimore Development Corporation.

(viii) Department of Recreation and Parks.

(ix) Department of Transportation.

(x) Department of General Services.

(xi) Department of Planning.

(xii) Department of Human Resources.

(xiii) Mayors Office of Information Technology.

(b) Quadrennial audit required.

At least once during every 4-year term of the Mayor and City Council, each principal agency
shall arrange for an audit of its operations for the preceding 4 fiscal years.

(c) By whom to be conducted.

The audit shall be conducted by:

(1)the City Auditor; or

(2)an independent certified public accountant or firm of certified public accountants.

(d) Costs of audit.

In each fiscal year preceding the fiscal year in which an audit is to be conducted under this
section, the principal agency shall include the costs of the audit in the estimates that it submits
for the next years Ordinance of Estimates.

(e) Reports.

Reports of audits conducted under this subtitle shall be submitted to:

(1)the Mayor;

(2)the City Comptroller; and

(3) the President of the City Council.
(Res. 12-009, ratified Nov. 6, 2012.)

Department of Finance