Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VII-17 Department of Finance: purchasing.

(a) Central purchasing system.

The City shall have a centralized purchasing system, and the Department of Finance and all other
municipal agencies shall cooperate fully to obtain the maximum benefits from this system.

(b) Department to procure or approve procurement; competitive bidding.

The Department shall procure, by purchase, lease or other acquisition, or shall approve the
procurement of, all materials, supplies, and equipment, and all services, other than professional
services, that municipal agencies use (“using agencies”).

The Department shall insure that competitive bidding is used, and competitive prices are
obtained, in purchasing these materials, supplies, equipment and services, to the fullest
practicable extent.

(c) Rules and regulations; standards.

Subject to the approval of the Board of Estimates, the Department shall adopt rules and
regulations that prescribe when, and the manner and form in which, using agencies will submit
estimates of their procurement needs, make requisitions, and enter into contracts.

In cooperation with the using agencies, the Department shall adopt standards for materials,
supplies, equipment, and services required by the using agencies.

(d) Responsibility for storing, distributing, etc.

Unless special exception is made by resolution of the Board of Estimates, the Department shall
be responsible for disposing of and reclaiming materials, supplies, and equipment purchased for
municipal agencies.
(Res. 10-024, ratified Nov. 2, 2010.)

(e) Exceptions.

Unless otherwise provided by the Board of Estimates, nothing in this section shall be construed
to apply to public works done under contract, to records and briefs printed for the Department of
Law, or to professional services.

(f) Board of Estimates to settle agency disputes.

In the event of a disagreement between departments, the Board of Estimates shall determine
whether a proposed procurement is for public works, materials, supplies, equipment, services or
professional services.