Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VII-13 Department of Finance: lien records.

(a) Keeping records; issuing lien certificates.

The Department shall keep a record of all municipal charges and assessments and shall provide
for the issuance of a lien certificate stating whether any, and, if so, what municipal charges or
assessments exist against any particular property. The Department shall make such charge for
the issuance of a lien certificate as may be fixed by the Board of Estimates.

(b) Contents of certificates; charges constitute liens.

A lien certificate shall show all charges and assessments of every character due the City,
including State and City taxes and special paving tax, water and sewer billings, street benefit
assessments, minor privilege charges, charges for street, alley and footway paving, sewerage
connections, nuisance abatements and other charges. All of the charges and assessments shall be
liens, until paid, against the property named in the lien certificate; provided that no then existing
charge shall be a lien against a property after the issuance of a lien certificate for that property
unless that charge be shown on the lien certificate.

(c) Tax lien records.

The Department shall maintain at all times tax lien records that record tax liens and all other
municipal liens. The tax lien records shall show the location of the property, the character of the
liens against the property, and the amount of the liens as of the date of recording. After a lien
shall have been recorded in the tax lien records, it shall remain a lien until paid and no statute of
limitations shall operate as a bar to the collection of the lien.