Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VII-101 Civil Service Commission: roster of Service employees.

(a) Commission to keep; contents.

The Commission shall keep in its office an official roster of the Civil Service, and shall enter
thereon the name of every person who has been appointed, employed, promoted, reduced,
transferred or reinstated in any Civil Service position.

This roster shall be open to public inspection at all reasonable hours, and shall show in
connection with each name the date of appointment, employment, promotion, reduction, transfer
or reinstatement and the compensation of the position, its title, the nature of the duties thereof
and the date and cause of any termination of such office or employment.

(b) Reports to Commission.

It shall be the duty of each appointing officer to report to the Commission forthwith, upon the
appointment or employment of any person in the Civil Service, the name of the appointee or
employee, the title and character of the office or employment, the date of commencement of
service, and to report the separation of a person from the service, or other change in status and
other information that the Civil Service Commission may require in order to keep the roster.

(c) Salary contingent on roster listing.

It shall be unlawful, after notice from the Commission for the Department of Finance to pay any
salary or compensation to any officer, clerk, employee or other person in the Civil Service whose
name does not appear upon the roster as being in the employ of the City.