Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

Board of Estimates

This is Article VI of the Baltimore City Charter, titled “Board of Estimates.” It’s comprised of the following 18 sections.

§ VI-1
Establishment and organization.
§ VI-2
Powers and duties.
§ VI-3
Fiscal year; budget schedule.
§ VI-4
Assistance from Finance Director and Planning Commission.
§ VI-5
Preparation of proposed Ordinance of Estimates.
§ VI-6
Adoption of proposed Ordinance of Estimates.
§ VI-7
Enactment of Ordinance of Estimates.
§ VI-8
Deficiencies; supplementary appropriations.
§ VI-9
Uses of appropriations.
§ VI-10
§ VI-11
§ VI-12
Salary and wage scales; work conditions.
§ VI-13
Command appearance of municipal officers.
§ VI-14
Bonds of municipal officers.
§ VI-15
Claims against or by City.
§ VI-16
Salaries of State’s Attorney’s Office.
§ VI-17
Expenditures for new improvements.
§ VI-18
Water, sanitary wastewater, and stormwater utilities.