Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VI-4 Assistance from Finance Director and Planning Commission.

To assist the Board of Estimates in the preparation of the proposed Ordinance of Estimates:

(a) Recommendations on agency estimates.

The Director of Finance shall submit for the consideration of the Board a recommended
operating budget, which shall include the estimates submitted by the municipal agencies for the
next fiscal year, the recommendations of the Director of Finance thereon, and all other estimates
for appropriations to be made in the next fiscal year, other than for capital improvements;
provided, however, the estimates for the Fire Department shall include such amounts, if any, as
may be determined by a final decision of a board of arbitration convened to arbitrate unresolved
negotiations between the City and the certified employee organizations representing the fire
fighters and fire officers, as prescribed by existing Section 53 of Article VII.

(b) Recommendations on capital budget, etc.

The Planning Commission shall submit for the consideration of the Board a recommended
capital budget, a recommended long-range capital improvement program, and a report on both.
The Director and Board of Finance shall review the recommended capital budget and program,
and make a report and recommendations about both to the Board of Estimates.