Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VI-3 Fiscal year; budget schedule.

(a) Fiscal year.

The fiscal, budget, and accounting year of the City shall begin on the first day of July and end on
the thirtieth day of June in every year unless otherwise provided by law.

(b) Notice and hearing.

At least thirty days prior to the adoption by the Board of Estimates of a proposed Ordinance of
Estimates the Board shall make public the Director of Finances recommended operating budget,
the Planning Commissions recommended capital budget and long-range capital improvement
program, and the reports of the Director of Finance and Planning Commission on these

Thereafter, the Board shall hold public hearings at which members of the City Council, heads of
municipal agencies, and citizens shall have the opportunity to appear before the Board to speak
for or against the inclusion of any appropriation in the proposed Ordinance of Estimates.

(c) Submission to Council.

The Board of Estimates shall submit to the City Council the proposed Ordinance of Estimates for
the next fiscal year at least forty-five days before the beginning of that fiscal year.

(d) Adoption by Council.

The City Council shall have at least forty days after receipt of the Boards proposed Ordinance of
Estimates to enact an Ordinance of Estimates. The City Council shall adopt an Ordinance of
Estimates at least five days prior to the beginning of the fiscal year to which it is applicable if the
Board of Estimates submits its proposed Ordinance of Estimates within the period prescribed by
Section 3(c).