Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ VI-1 Establishment and organization.

(a) In general.

There shall be a Board of Estimates composed of the Mayor, President of the City Council,
Comptroller, City Solicitor, and Director of Public Works, none of whom shall receive any
additional salary as members of the Board.

The President of the City Council shall be President of the Board, and one of the members shall
act as Secretary.

The Board may employ such employees as may be necessary to discharge its duties; their number
and compensation shall be fixed in the Ordinance of Estimates.

(b) Meetings.

The first meeting of the Board in every year shall be called by notice from the Mayor or President
of the City Council personally served upon members of the Board. Subsequent meetings shall be
called as the Board may direct.

(c) Representatives.

If a member is unable to attend a Board meeting, that members representative, as designated in
the Charter, may attend and exercise the powers of the member. The Mayor may designate a
municipal officer or member of the Mayors personal staff to represent the Mayor and exercise
the Mayors power at Board meetings in the Mayors absence.