Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ V-3 General duties.

The Comptroller shall:

(a)serve as a member of the Board of Estimates;

(b)serve as a member of the Board of Finance;

(c)have such general supervision of the Department of Audits and the activities of the City
Auditor as provided for in the Charter;

(d)be responsible for the proper conduct, management and operation of the Department of Real
Estate; and

(e)subject to the approval of the Board of Estimates, and within the limits of the appropriation
therefor in the Ordinance of Estimates, obtain such insurance as may be necessary for the
proper protection of the City or as may be required by applicable law, and shall, whenever it
would be to the Citys advantage, seek competitive bids for the insurance; and

(f)perform such other duties, not inconsistent with the office, as prescribed by law.