Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ V-1 Election, term, etc.; Deputy Comptroller, staff.

(a) Election and qualifications; term; salary.

(1)The voters of Baltimore City shall elect a Comptroller of the City on the Tuesday next after
the first Monday in November 2016, and on the same day and month in every succeeding
fourth year.

(2)The Comptroller shall possess the same qualifications as prescribed in this Charter for the

(3)The term of the Comptroller shall commence on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in
December succeeding the election and shall continue for 4 years and until a successor has
been elected and qualified.

(4)The Comptrollers salary shall be set as provided in Article VII, §§ 117 through 125 of this

(b) Deputy; staff.

The Comptroller shall appoint, to aid in the discharge of the Comptrollers duties, a Deputy
Comptroller and such other employees as provided in the Ordinance of Estimates. In case of
temporary absence or disqualification of the Comptroller, the Deputy Comptroller shall, during
such absence or disqualification from any cause, perform the duties of the Comptroller, including
the Comptrollers duties as a member of the Board of Estimates.
(Res. 99-016, ratified Nov. 2, 1999; Res. 04-049, ratified Nov. 2, 2004; Res. 05-009, ratified Nov. 7,
2006; Res. 12-003, ratified Nov. 6, 2012.)