Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ III-5 Emergency vacancies.

If, by reason of any catastrophe, a majority of the members elected to the City Council are killed, or
are sick, or incapacitated, missing, or otherwise unavailable, so that for a temporary or indefinite
period there is not a quorum of the City Council available to permit that body to function, the Mayor,
if the Mayor is available, or the Governor of Maryland or the other person acting in that capacity, if
the Mayor is unavailable, is authorized to appoint for a temporary or indefinite period persons to fill
the vacancies thus existing. If possible, each of the appointees shall have the qualifications required
of members of the City Council.

During their tenure, all such appointive members of the City Council shall possess and may exercise
the powers and prerogatives of regularly elected members. Each appointee shall continue to hold
office during the incapacity or unavailability of the member whose position the appointee was
appointed to fill, or until the position is filled pursuant to the regular election and qualification of a