Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ II-47 General welfare.

To pass any ordinance, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter or the laws of the State,
which it may deem proper in the exercise of any of the powers, either express or implied, enumerated
in this Charter, as well as any ordinance as it may deem proper in maintaining the peace, good
government, health and welfare of Baltimore City and to promote the welfare and temperance of
minors exposed to advertisements for alcoholic beverages placed in publicly visible locations.

Editors Note: Section 2 of Chapter 637, Acts of 1993, which added the last clause on alcoholic-beverage advertisements, provided as follows:

[T]his Act may only be applied to or interpreted to have an effect on any contract
executed after the effective date of this Act {June 1, 1993} and to any renewal term of a
preexisting contract beginning after October 1, 1993.
(Ch. 637, Acts of 1993.)