Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ II-45 Water.

To establish, operate, maintain, regulate and control a system of water supply and to make charges
for the consumption or use of such water; to appoint watchmen or police officers for the protection
of its water supply within or without the City limits.

To turn off and discontinue the supply of water furnished by the Mayor and City Council of
Baltimore to any person or property located in or outside of the City of Baltimore because of the
nonpayment of any fee or charge for water supplied or for work done in connection with the
furnishing of such water until such unpaid fee or charge is fully paid; and to regulate, in or outside of
the City of Baltimore, the installation of water supply service connections from the Baltimore City
water supply system in such manner as to prevent the existence of cross connections between such
source of supply and any private system of water supply that may exist within the premises served.