Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ II-4 Wage and hour requirements for public contracts.

To provide by ordinance for incorporating in any and all contracts made by the Mayor and City
Council of Baltimore, or on its behalf, with any person, firm or corporation for the performance of
any work, labor or services for said municipal corporation, the maximum number of hours which
shall constitute a days work for, and the minimum rate of wages or salaries to be paid to any and all
classes of, employees of contractors and subcontractors performing any kind of work, labor or
services for said municipal corporation while such employees are engaged or employed in the
performance of such work, labor or services, and for penalties to be imposed on such contractors or
subcontractors failing to comply with any and all hour and wage provisions contained in any such
contract in which they are interested; and by ordinance to empower the Board of Estimates of said
municipal corporation to exercise any and all the power and authority herein granted to said
municipality and make any and all rules and regulations and do any and all things, from time to time,
that may be necessary or proper to put into operation and effect any and all of the aforegoing