Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ II-34 Streets, bridges, and tunnels.

(a) In general.

To construct, open, extend, widen, straighten or close streets, bridges, tunnels or approaches to
them and other public ways of every kind within the bounds of the City; to assess and collect
benefits and to award and pay damages resulting therefrom; and to assess and collect tolls on any
bridge, tunnel or approach thereto to finance the construction, maintenance and operation of any
such facilities constructed as part of the interstate system of highways pursuant to Title 23 of the
United States Code, and to pledge any toll revenues, less the actual cost of the maintenance and
operation of such facilities, pursuant to subsection (50) of Article II of this Charter, in connection
with any bonds, notes or other obligations issued to finance the cost of construction of any such
bridge, tunnel, or approach thereto; provided that vehicles owned by the State and Baltimore City
are exempt from the payment of any such toll;

(b) Grading, paving, etc.

To establish grade lines and to grade, pave and curb streets and public ways of every kind;

(c) Assessing costs.

To provide for grading, paving and curbing of streets and public ways at the cost of the owners of
properties binding thereon;

(d) Regulating use.

To regulate the use of streets and public ways by persons, animals and vehicles; to prohibit the
use of such streets and public ways by any or all motor vehicles under such circumstances or
upon such conditions as it may, from time to time, by ordinance, deem necessary or expedient in
the interest of the public.

Except as permitted in subsection (a) of this section, any such regulations shall not involve any
charge of any kind for the use of such street or public way, other than reasonable charges for
parking within areas set aside exclusively for that purpose;

(e) Surface openings.

To regulate the opening of street surface for the purposes authorized by law or ordinance;

(f) Naming and numbering.

To regulate the numbering or designation of buildings, lots or parcels of land and the naming of
streets and public ways and places;

(g) Poles, wires, and conduits.

To regulate the use of streets and public ways for poles, wires and conduits and to construct and
maintain poles, wires and conduits for use by the City or by others upon terms fixed by the City;

(h) Cleaning and lighting.

To provide for the cleaning and lighting of streets and public ways and places;

(i) Trees.

To provide for and regulate the planting, maintenance and removal of trees on streets and public
ways and places;

(j) Development plans.

To provide for the making and enforcement of plans for the development of areas and properties
within the City.
(Ch. 497, Acts of 1977.)