Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ II-14 Jones’ Falls.

To make such improvements in connection with JonesFalls as in its judgment are desirable, and for
this purpose to change the course, lines, depth and boundaries of said stream, in whole or part; to
compel any person owning property binding on JonesFalls, within the limits of the City, to wall up
such property, so far as the same may bind on the Falls, with a good and sufficient wall to such
height as in its judgment the public good may require, so as to secure the same and the adjacent
property from the danger of being inundated with water; to compel any person to rebuild or repair
any wall owned by him binding on the Falls within the limits of the City, and upon neglect or refusal
so to do the City may cause the same to be done, in which event the City is authorized and
empowered to recover the cost thereof by suit at law, which costs shall be a lien on the property so
walled or repaired.