Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ I-7 Records; reports

(a) Required maintenance; admissibility; public inspection.

A suitable record of all the proceedings, financial transactions and official acts of all municipal
agencies, shall be kept, and a certified copy of the record, or any part thereof, under the corporate
seal of the City shall be admissible in evidence in any court of this State as proof of such record,
or a part thereof. A record shall be available for public inspection unless otherwise expressly
ordered by the head of the agency or the municipal officer by or on behalf of whom the record is
kept; and in the event that written demand shall be made for the public disclosure of any matter
deemed confidential by the head of an agency or by a municipal officer, the demand shall at once
be referred to the Board of Estimates and the Board, after consultation with the City Solicitor as
to the legal propriety of its action, may order the demanded disclosure to be made in whole or in

(b) Microfilm, etc.

The City may provide by ordinance for the making and keeping of all or some records on
microfilm or by other method of reproduction and, when so made, for the destruction of the
original records. Any such reproduction or print therefrom shall be in all respects the equivalent
of the original from which made, and when authenticated as above provided shall be admissible
in evidence in any court of this State as proof of that record, or part thereof.

(c) Annual report; other information.

Unless otherwise directed by the Board of Estimates, every municipal agency of the City shall
prepare annually a written report of its work and proceedings. A copy of each report shall be
filed with the Mayor and a copy shall also be filed with the Department of Legislative Reference;
additional copies of each report, or parts thereof, shall be prepared and made available as from
time to time may be directed by the Board of Estimates.

Upon request of the Mayor or Board of Estimates every municipal agency shall promptly supply
the Mayor or the Board with all requested information with respect to the practice and
proceedings of the agency; provided, however, that this information need not be given with
respect to any undetermined policy or opinion, nor shall the Board of Municipal and Zoning
Appeals make any disclosure as to any pending appeal other than to furnish a copy of the
testimony and papers filed with it pertaining to that appeal.