Baltimore Charter Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ I-10 Affordable housing funds.

(a) Authorization.

By Ordinance, the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore may establish 1 or more continuing,
nonlapsing funds for purposes of promoting economically diverse housing in City
neighborhoods, including:

(1)providing assistance, by loan, grant, or otherwise, for the planning, production,
maintenance, or expansion of affordable housing in the City;

(2)providing assistance, by loan, grant, or otherwise, to persons unable to obtain affordable
housing; and

(3)otherwise increasing housing opportunities for working families and other persons of low
and moderate income.

(b) Revenue sources.

A fund established under this section may comprise:

(1)money appropriated to the fund in the annual Ordinances of Estimates; and

(2)grants or donations made to the fund.

(c) Continuing nature of fund.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Charter, unspent portions of a fund established under
this section:

(1)remain in the fund, to be used exclusively for their ordained purposes;

(2)do not revert to the general revenues of the City; and

(3)their appropriations do not lapse.
(Res. 06-015, ratified Nov. 7, 2006.)